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Trial End Date May 31, 2023 January 01, 2025
Last Published December 13, 2022 10:18 PM May 19, 2023 02:37 PM
Primary Outcomes (End Points) 1. Time-use outcomes: total time spent in minutes on a typical day on paid work, unpaid care work, domestic chores, leisure, self-care, socializing, and learning activities. 2. Women- empowerment and decision making 3. Gender norms 4. Children's and couple well-being outcomes. 5. Children's time use, school attendance and grades. 6. experimental games to capture resource sharing, trust, altruism, etc. 1. Time-use outcomes: Total time spent in minutes per day on paid work/employment, unpaid care work, domestic chores, leisure, self-care, socializing, learning, seeking employment, and acquiring vocational skills. 2. Sharing of care work: Does anyone else help with household work? Who all? (specify), Do you have a domestic maid (Y/N)? Did you hire an external caregiver in the last week etc? 3. Marital Relationship 3.1 Do you spend quality time with your spouse? what activities do you engage in/how do you spend quality time? How many hours in a week? 3.2 Do you discuss matters with your partner (like things that happen at work / on the farm; what you feel or have in your mind; your health-related issues (physical, psychological-emotional); about your ambitions/dreams; about things that happen in the community such as elections or politics etc. ) 3.3 How well do you know your partner game? Ask questions about your partner's favorite food, music, pass time, actor/actress; ambition in life, name of a best friend etc. 3.4 Satisfaction with relationship (0-10 scale) 4. Women- empowerment (including women's mobility, decision-making, freedom from violence etc.) 5. Gender norms around gender roles and societal expectations 6. Experimental games to capture resource sharing, trust, cooperation, altruism, etc.
Secondary Outcomes (End Points) mental and physical health, willingness to work and actual labour force participation, part-time activities, self-employment based activities, etc. 1. Economic 1.1 Employment (total employment, self-employment, wage employment) 1.2 Intensity of Employment (Days in a year, Hours per day) 1.3 Earnings from employment (INR per month/annual) 1.4 Household consumption expenditure (clothing, food, health, festivals, alcohol, tobacco etc.) 1.5 Household income (INR per month/annual) 1.6 Days unable to go to work? (Days in the last month) 2. Health and well-being of couples (physical and mental health, life satisfaction, happiness, hopes, aspirations, confidence in life etc.). 3. Intergenerational/ children’s outcome (spillover effects): Child’s psycho-social welfare in terms of self-efficacy, self-esteem, parent relations, peer relations, subjective well-being etc.
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