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Most Recently Registered Trials

  • Contract Enforcement in a Stateless Economy - Pilot
    Last registered on August 13, 2022

    In this paper, we study contract enforcement in the illegal gambling market of Pakistan as gamblers make high-stakes betting decisions without the state enforcing contracts. Our experimental intervention randomly assigns gamblers with additional week to honor their book bets –a contract that allows them to pay back the week after and to a treatment arm that makes blacklisting from betting market salient in the contract. We observe the pattern of repayment by gamblers in absence of any state authority enforcing these contracts. We also investigate two potential mechanisms behind the blacklisting 1) imposition of reputational costs in case of nonpayment 2) collusion utilization in case of non-payment. The mechanism underpinning the blacklisting is evaluated via a factorial design: we rer...

  • The Impact of Financial Shares on Investment, Social Identity and Political Attitudes
    Last registered on August 12, 2022

    This is a study of the impact of financial shares on investment, social identity and political attitudes

  • Thriving Together: Creating Social Support Groups for the Reintegration and Empowerment of Formerly Abducted Women in Northern Uganda
    Last registered on August 12, 2022

    The proposed study employs survey and experimental methods to: 1) assess the current social, economic and psychological status of formerly abducted women in Northern Uganda as compared to never abducted comparable women; and 2) scientifically test the effectiveness of women’s support groups in facilitating the reintegration of formerly abducted women, raising their aspirations, creating economic opportunities and increasing their overall well-being. 12 August 2022 note: We applied for funding and expect to receive close to another $100,000 which will allows us to expand the experiment to add mental health counseling to the treatments and expand the sample size to 600 women, of which about half formerly abducted.

  • An experiment about discrimination
    Last registered on August 12, 2022

    We design an experiment to test for discrimination.

  • Promoting Vaccination Take-up at the Last Mile: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial in Rural Indonesia
    Last registered on August 10, 2022

    In settings where some resistance and rampant misinformation against vaccine exist even after it becomes increasingly available, the prospect of accelerating the progress to end the COVID-19 pandemic is rather bleak. To address this issue, we conduct a personalized- information intervention targeted towards unvaccinated individuals aged 18+ years old. For this purpose, we recruit ambassadors—laypersons, health cadres, and influential individuals—from local villages to deliver a comprehensive set of information on COVID-19 vaccine and promote vaccination using an interpersonal behavioral change communication approach which requires the ambassadors to deliver tailored information to each individual through two one-on-one meetings. To investigate which type of ambassadors is the most effec...

  • Conventional Roles, Information Asymmetries and the Intergenerational Flow of Agricultural Innovations: Evidence from a School-based Agricultural Education Program in Liberia
    Last registered on August 09, 2022

    The convenient benchmark of Pareto efficiency in intra-household resource allocation faces empirical challenges when household members have disincentives to share information in decisions such as savings, fertility and investments (Ashraf, 2009; Ashraf et al, 2014; Ozier and Jakiela, 2015). While barriers to information flows caused by conflicting preferences present a challenge for efficient household models, there are no clear policy recommendations because lifting these barriers involves difficult tradeoffs. For instance, when discussing whether contraceptives should be delivered to women in a manner that is concealed from their husbands, Ashraf et al (2014) note that there is a tradeoff between privately improving women's set of choices and lowering the conjugal value of marriage. T...

  • Impact of a Mass Media Program in Jordan on Children's Social Emotional Development
    Last registered on August 09, 2022

    Ahlan Simsim is a television show developed by Sesame Workshop to specifically target the social and emotional development needs of 5-6-year-old children exposed, directly or indirectly, to displacement. Considering the Jordanian context, the series has been developed with the Syrian refugee crisis in mind. These important social and emotional development skills, when developed early in life, help children successfully navigate multiple social contexts, productively integrate into society, and bolster their opportunity to take advantage of other social, cognitive, and academic opportunities. As part of the ~12-week intervention, 108 KG2 (kindergarten) schools in the regions of Irbid, Balqa and Karak will be exposed to Ahlan Simsim, and another 108 will be exposed to the Kindergarten-2 (...

  • Outreach and Maintenance of Medicaid Enrollment: Evidence from Wisconsin’s Navigator Program
    Last registered on August 09, 2022

    For many government safety net programs, beneficiaries must regularly demonstrate eligibility to avoid losing benefits. The objective of this field experiment is to identify the effect of outreach strategy on beneficiaries’ maintenance of Medicaid enrollment. The topic is timely because an upcoming policy change after the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE) will increase demonstration of eligibility requirements for Medicaid beneficiaries nationwide. The experimental population includes an estimated 168,000 cases (members of a household who applied for Medicaid together) in Wisconsin enrolled in fee-for-service Medicaid who must renew or lose their coverage after the end of the public health emergency. The implementing organization is Covering Wisconsin, the navigator orga...

  • Reducing Indoor Air Pollution
    Last registered on August 09, 2022

    The adverse impacts of ambient air pollution and its associated costs have received substantial policy and academic attention. However, the issue of indoor air pollution is often overlooked in academic research and policy discussions, which is surprising given the fact that individuals in the developed world spend almost 90 percent of their time indoors. Therefore, the potential welfare implications from exposure to indoor air pollution could be very large. We have designed a field experiment that will explore how access to personalized, real-time indoor air pollution monitoring and information affects individuals’ behavior in reducing their indoor air pollution levels. To investigate this, we will implement the field experiment in London. We will also ascertain people's demand ...

  • Long-Run Effects of an Behavioral Intervention: Experimental Evidence from Meat Consumption
    Last registered on August 09, 2022

    We conduct a large-scale survey experiment among roughly 3,000 individuals in Germany. We investigate whether long-term informational and supportive interventions over a period of four months can reduce the participants' actual meat consumption. Specifically, our treatment groups receive information about the positive effects of reducing meat consumption on the climate and the environment as well as vegetarian recipes and tips for a reduction in meat consumption.