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Most Recently Registered Trials

  • Economic vs. Generational inequality: An experimental survey experiment of intra- and intergenerational cleavages in support for climate change mitigation policies
    Last registered on September 30, 2022

    We examine this trade-off between the immediate inequality citizens face from climate mitigation policies (in terms of carbon trading) vs. the long-term generational inequalities future generations will face. We assess this trade- off using a between-subjects survey experiment, fielded among German citizens.

  • Closing the Indonesian Students’ Mathematics Gap: The High-Tech High-Touch Pilot (HTHT) – Program MENGEJAR
    Last registered on September 30, 2022

    This study is a randomized evaluation on the impact of implementing a high-tech and high-touch intervention in public junior high schools in Indonesia. In the high-tech intervention, randomly selected seventh-grade students from 150 selected schools will use a computer-adaptive learning (CAL) software to practice and strengthen their foundational mathematics skills. In the high-touch intervention, seventh-grade math teachers will receive a series of trainings to improve the students’ higher order thinking skills. The intervention will be implemented over one school year. The study will evaluate the impact of the intervention on student learning outcomes.

  • Community-wide collaboration to improve basic reading and math: Empirical evidence from Madagascar
    Last registered on September 29, 2022

    In Madagascar, more than 80 percent of students are not mastering minimum proficiency of language and mathematics, according to PASEC (2017). This study investigates the impact of a package of intervention on (i) collaboration among parents, teachers and community members to improve student learning, and (ii) student learning in basic reading and math, through randomized controlled trial. The package of interventions aims at improving the functionality of school management committees (SMCs) to lead and facilitate community-wide collaboration at school-level. Then, through the process of information-sharing and discussion at the community general assembly, parents, teachers and community members commit themselves to organizing remedial activities on basic reading and math. The package...

  • Teachers' Beliefs about Education Production
    Last registered on September 28, 2022

    Teachers in developing countries are routinely faced with multiple external constraints at work. They teach classrooms in resource-poor settings where the majority of students are first-generation learners with cumulative learning deficits. The presence of many potentially binding external constraints might suggest to teachers that their effort matters little in influencing student learning, leading to a perception of low returns to effort. These beliefs may predispose teachers to lower levels of perceived control over education production, translating into low levels of classroom effort, especially for lower-performing students in the classroom. I conduct an experimental evaluation of a psychosocial intervention that targets teachers’ beliefs about perceived returns to effort and study...

  • Narratives and Valuations
    Last registered on September 28, 2022

    While the significance of narrative thinking has become increasingly recognized by social scientists, very little empirical research has documented its consequences for economically significant outcomes. We address this gap in one important domain: valuations. In an online experiment, participants selected and uploaded pictures of an item they owned (hat) without knowing why. They were then asked to either tell the story of their item, list its characteristics, or neither (counting zeros filler task or no task at all. Finally, participants were given the opportunity to sell their items to us via an incentive-compatible procedure (Multiple Price List). That is, they decided whether to accept or reject a series of prices (between $1-300), knowing that one of their decisions might be rando...

  • Gender-Fair Framing of Job Titles
    Last registered on September 28, 2022

    We study the effects of gender-fair framing of job titles in online job ads in cooperation with a large online job platform in Germany. We use a randomized controlled trial (RCT) design. We are particularly interested in how the usage of the gender-fair variant affects the female to male applicant ratio as well as the overall number of applications. The goals of our study are (i) to investigate whether the female applicant ratio can be increased by deviating from the “generic masculinum” which is typically used in German, (ii) study whether any changes in overall applicant numbers are due to a specific sex of the applicants, and (iii) investigate whether and how these effects differ across industries and jobs. We focus on three broad categories of jobs as used by the online job pla...

  • Happy Spouse, Happy House: Collaborative Risk-taking and Marital Satisfaction
    Last registered on September 28, 2022

    In this study we explore the links between marital satisfaction and how married couple's approach decision-making under risk. We plan to give out online surveys and conduct online experiments with participants through WeChat video chat. We plan to recruit 100 pairs of Chinese married couples who are both in their first marriage. Couples will first make some economic decisions apart, then brought together to make these choices together. Half of the couples will be informed what their partner chose before they decide together; the other half will not be informed. We are interested in whether a marriage where couples' decision making tends to be wife-dominant or husband-dominant is associated with higher marital happiness, and whether awareness of one's partner's preferences influence the ...

  • Could affirmative action backfire?
    Last registered on September 27, 2022

    Affirmative action (AA) policies are used to increase the representation of minorities in candidate pools for hiring and/or promotions. In this study, we plan to use the controlled setting of a lab experiment to understand the true size and nature of the spillover effect of a soft AA (SAA) policy on employer’s discrimination. It allows us to determine 1) whether this effect is predominately positive or negative, and 2) if it is primarily driven by behavioural preferences (i.e., taste-based discrimination) or rational choices (i.e., statistical discrimination). We do this by comparing a soft AA policy based on minority ethnicity status with one for a random “priority” group that has no distinct characteristics, and also by separating hiring decisions from performance estimations. Our fin...

  • Mental Health and Adolescent Schooling: Evidence from a Therapy Field Experiment in Nepal
    Last registered on September 27, 2022

    We use a randomized control trial (RCT) to evaluate the impact of providing individualized therapy sessions on the mental well-being and education of adolescents (aged 12-18), who are at risk of dropping out from schools or have who have dropped out from school in the past 2 years. The study includes 1,803 such adolescents and their parents. The intervention is administered at the individual-level, and a randomly selected 50% of adolescents (and their parents) are selected to receive 6-8 weekly therapy sessions, designed and delivered free of cost by the Centre for Mental Health Counselling - Nepal (CMC-N). We also cross randomize half the sample in the therapy and no-therapy groups respectively to receive an in-person session aimed at encouraging the adolescents to attend school.

  • Signaling skills online and labor market outcomes: evidence from an adaptive experiment
    Last registered on September 27, 2022

    Digital job tools promise to reduce frictions on the labor market. In this randomized controlled trial, we study an intervention seeking to increase the usage of a public online platform in France. The intervention, implemented with an adaptive design, consists in sending mails to job seekers, providing information, help and motivation to register or update their profiles on the platform. We focus primarily on discovering which treatments maximize uptake of the tool among the several type of incentives considered. We then analyze the impact of the platform's use on labor market outcomes.