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Most Recently Registered Trials

  • Maasai Watchman Field Experiment
    Last registered on May 22, 2018

    I create randomised variation in farm security by matching randomly selected Kenyan smallholding farmers with subsidized Maasai watchmen to protect farms during the main agricultural season. I explore the effect of theft and property crime by testing whether farmers engage in different types of production when their farms are more secure against theft. I further explore how social networks are used to substitute for imperfect protection of property in an environment where state institutions are unable to fully protect farms, and how theft is used to sanction those who neglect social obligations. Finally, I test whether improved security and reduced fear of crime decrease the degree of ethnic ingroup-outgroup parochialism and political preference for authoritarian, `strongman' leaders.

  • How does recalling experiences of conflict affect behaviour that aids or hinders post-conflict recovery
    Last registered on May 21, 2018

    Numerous studies suggest that past experiences of violent conflict can affect deep determinants of behaviour (see (Bauer et al. 2016)). Perhaps contrary to intuition, the consensus among these studies is that past experiences of violent conflict promote pro-social behaviour. Two important questions remain regarding this literature: (1) is the relationship observed causal? As opposed to driven by reversed causality or attrition bias; (2) if so, why does this relationship exist? We use an experimental set-up using priming to better establish causal relationships (so far only used by (Callen et al. 2014) for economic outcomes). The study design makes use of micro-narratives as a prime, which the respondents classify themselves along various dimensions. This means that respondents are as...

  • Creating Moves to Opportunity in Seattle and King County
    Last registered on May 21, 2018

    The Seattle-King County Creating Moves to Opportunity (CMTO) Demonstration aims to help families with children who receive Housing Choice Vouchers (also known as Section 8 Vouchers) have the opportunity to move to and persist in higher opportunity neighborhoods. Families with children under 15 who receive a Housing Choice Voucher from the Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) and King County Housing Authority (KCHA) who elect to participate in the study will be randomly assigned to either the treatment group (expected to be 642 families), who receives access to CMTO services, or the control group (expected to be 642 families), who have access to the normal support services provided by the housing authorities to new voucher-holders. CMTO services include housing locator services (housing searc...

  • Job Credentials In the Labor Market
    Last registered on May 21, 2018

    We run a randomized control trial with a company to test whether reframing language affects applications and the subsequent hiring process.

  • Uptake of modern contraceptives in Burkina Faso: men’s involvement, polygamy and peer effects
    Last registered on May 21, 2018

    With this trial, we study the influence of men’s involvement on the uptake of modern contraceptives in 30 rural villages in the region of Hauts-Bassins, Burkina Faso. Women who do not use modern contraceptives yet will receive a voucher that gives them access to free modern contraceptives at the nearest local health centre. We will compare two treatments that vary in men’s involvement: either the voucher is given in private (no involvement of men), or it is given to her husband, with her being present. We will stratify by the type of households (monogamous and polygamous households), to test whether the effect of men’s involvement differs between both types of households. Monogamous couples where the woman already uses modern contraceptives will be asked to transfer the voucher to someo...

  • Citizen Information and Hospitals' Compliance with Health Insurance Scheme
    Last registered on May 21, 2018

    This study aims to test the extent to which a low-cost information campaign among eligible beneficiaries increases hospital compliance with a public health insurance program in a large Indian state. Specifically, the study will use survey and administrative data, combined with a randomized phone-based information intervention, to quantitatively assess 1) the prevalence and magnitude of out-of-pocket payments by patients in principle covered free of charge, and 2) whether provision of information to beneficiaries about their entitlements and participating hospitals under the insurance program can enable them to hold hospitals accountable, negotiate better, and find the hospital that best meets their needs.

  • No Lean Season 2017 Evaluation
    Last registered on May 21, 2018

    This is a randomized trial evaluating a seasonal migration incentivization program, No Lean Season, implemented in partnership by Evidence Action and RDRS. The program aims to mitigate seasonal hardship in rural agricultural areas but providing loans to rural laborer, incentivizing them to seek temporary employment in nearby cities. The evaluation aims to (a) update findings from previous research studies, and in particular, to investigate whether the program's positive impact will be replicable at scale; and (b) investigate the program’s spillover effects on workers at the migration destination who are not offered migration incentives. Welfare outcomes (expenditure, caloric intake, income, and food security) will be measured in a manner consistent with previous evaluations of this prog...

  • Nudging new entrants to the tax system to comply
    Last registered on May 21, 2018

    The aim of this trial is to improve the communication of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) with new entrants to the tax system to increase tax compliance. New entrants to the tax system have to lodge a tax return for the first time. The trial will evaluate the effectiveness of nudge letters and emails that aim to create a positive and supportive first experience to encourage lodgement of a taxpayer's overdue tax return. The target population consists of individuals not in business who (based on data of the ATO) have never lodged an income tax return, have a requirement to lodge in 2017, have not lodged their 2017 income tax return, are new to the tax system in 2017 and would not otherwise be contacted by the ATO under existing risk treatments. Three treatments will be tested: (1) Tre...

  • Indirect Utility Estimation
    Last registered on May 21, 2018

    This experiment attempts to test whether approximations of the indirect utility functions are indeed the same as the indirect utility function implied by the optimized goods -- how we value money prior to deciding what to purchase.

  • Enhancing Organ Donor Registration Rates through Strengthening ServiceOntario Customer Representatives’ Motivations
    Last registered on May 21, 2018

    In virtually every country, the need for organs for transplants far exceeds supply, leaving many patients to spend years waiting and even die before receiving a transplant. In the U.S. in 2009, for instance, where there are about 26 donors per million people, among candidates newly wait-listed for either a first or repeat kidney transplant the median wait time was 3.6 years (about one year for a liver transplant), and only slightly over 60% of individuals wait-listed ever received an organ. Approximately twenty individuals die each day because they cannot find a matching donor. In addition to the implications for transplant candidates, a kidney transplant, for example, also saves at least $200,000 over the life of the individual relative to on-going dialysis treatment. Donation rate...