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Most Recently Registered Trials

  • Examining responses to advertising on misinformation websites
    Last registered on December 07, 2022

    Online misinformation is largely financially sustained via advertising revenue from ads placed automatically on misinformation websites by digital platforms. The financial motivation to earn advertising revenue by spreading misinformation has been widely conjectured to be one of the main reasons misinformation continues to be prevalent across various digital platforms. Despite attempts from digital media platforms to reduce ad revenue going to misinformation websites and the existence of tools that companies can adopt to avoid advertising on misinformation websites, ads from multiple well-known companies continue to appear on misinformation websites. We conduct randomized experiments to measure how people react to information about the role played by advertising companies and digital ad...

  • Exploring French carbon Tax acceptability in the age of high energy prices
    Last registered on December 07, 2022

    This study examines preferences for carbon taxes. To this end, the study draws on a survey experiment to be fielded among a representative sample of the French population. Information regarding carbon pricing and carbon emission stylized facts will be randomly provided and we will analyze its impact.

  • Public works and cash transfers in urban Ethiopia: evaluating the Urban Productive Safety Net Program
    Last registered on December 07, 2022

    The UPSNP is a comprehensive social protection program that is designed to enhance the income of households living in the urban areas of Ethiopia, with the aim to reduce poverty and vulnerability. Beneficiaries engage in public works (PW) program or if they are unable to work, they receive an unconditional direct support transfer (DS). This document outlines the pre-analysis plan to study the effects of the UPSNP in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, one year after it started. The evaluation takes advantage of the randomization of the program at the woreda (urban district) level during its first year of implementation. Of the 90 eligible woredas in Addis, 35 were randomly assigned to start implementation right away (in year 1) while the remaining 55 were assigned to start implementation approx...

  • Testing approaches to improve customer bill payment in Kenya.
    Last registered on December 07, 2022

    In order for utilities to provide high quality water and sanitation services to growing urban populations, they must have a sufficient and stable revenue stream. Utilities must price services to cover the cost of delivering services to existing customers and to invest in expanding the network to reach those who currently lack access to them. Even as utilities make progress in pricing services better, customer arrears – i.e., customers who do not pay their bills on time or in full – can undermine utilities’ financial sustainability. Currently, utilities in Kenya have substantial portions of customers with arrears on their accounts. In cooperation with a large utility in Kenya this project will implement a randomized control trial (RCT) to test the efficacy of electronic (mobile SMS) mess...

  • Impact of Information on Domestic water saving among urban households in Tanzania
    Last registered on December 07, 2022

    Many parts of the world have been experiencing poor quality water, which has not been sufficient, especially at the domestic level where water usage keeps on increasing over time. It is expected that the demand for water will be greater than the supply by 40% as a result of a fast-growing population and poor water management. Tanzania is among the developing countries that have been facing water scarcity for households living in urban areas and for those that have access to it, its availability is unreliable, irregular, and highly erratic, and as a result, households do not consider water from authorities as the main source. This scarcity of water and its unreliability calls for the need to conserve water as an important natural resource. Therefore, this study proposes to use randomized...

  • Competitiveness and Employability
    Last registered on December 06, 2022

    Hiring an employee is an essential task for decision makers and can significantly affect the future performance of an organization. Even though some research addresses the effect of hiring competitive employees on the organization’s performance, little is known about the impact of different competitive preferences on employee hiring decisions. Would decision makers like to hire agents who compete against other people or the ones who continuously challenge against their own previous performance or the ones who work efficiently without competing against anyone? Using one laboratory and two online experiments this project aims to investigate whether and to what extent competitiveness as a trait/preference impact one's likelihood of being hired. The laboratory study focuses on the performan...

  • Psychometric properties of Multi-Dimensional Intelligence Scale in Children
    Last registered on December 06, 2022

    This article contributes to assessing performance-based intelligence. In this study, the scale was developed in comparison to the Wechsler intelligence scale and is based on three bits of intelligence i.e. musical, logical and linguistic. The scale proposed that the levels of intelligence range from ability to solve problems containing a limited number of bits of information with obvious relationships to the ability to solve problems that involve critical thinking and logic.

  • Religious Discrimination in Health: Evidence from an Audit Study in Indonesia
    Last registered on December 06, 2022

    A vast literature in economics documents large differences in health outcomes by gender, race, wealth, and religion. To what extent these differences are driven by biases of health care providers is less understood. In this study, we explore whether health care providers discriminate against people with different religious beliefs using an audit study design (standardized patient method) on the clinical case of tuberculosis, an illness that is still widespread in Indonesia. The audit study is conducted in three provinces of Indonesia – Sumatera Barat, Sulawesi Utara and Jawa Tengah. The study covers 400 doctors at 400 randomly selected primary health care facilities in these three provinces. We conduct 1,600 standardized patient visits in which we vary the religious belief the patient. ...

    Last registered on December 06, 2022

    we are doing research to develop a spatial intelligence scale for autistic children. our scale is nonverbal having a total of 9 tasks. Autistic children typically excel on the spatial test that measures abstract reasoning such as block design tasks and other tasks. Spatial intelligence is the concept of being able to perceive and derive insight from visual data successfully. This cognitive process is known as an aptitude for understanding visual information in the real and abstract world as well as an innate ability to envision information. People with this spatial ability can usually create effective images that explain concepts and design prototypes that incorporate spatial reasoning. this article includes an introduction to spatial intelligence with its theoretical background and met...

  • Take Up and Impact of Digital Repayment in Microfinance
    Last registered on December 05, 2022

    Digital technology is rapidly emerging as integral to the future of development policy, and particularly to financial services. Recent years have seen rapid digitization in developing countries, from mobile money platforms to biometric smart cards. These innovations are largely perceived as beneficial, saving users on both sides of the transaction effort and time, and often enabling better monitoring. The use of mobile money to streamline payments is only becoming more commonplace. Despite this, relatively little is known about the effects of switching to mobile money. We propose to undertake a randomized control trial to evaluate the effects of digital repayment for microfinance, looking both at barriers to take-up and the effects of digital repayment on the integrity of the microfinan...