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Field Before After
Trial Status on_going completed
Last Published October 25, 2017 09:36 PM April 16, 2020 02:17 PM
Study Withdrawn No
Intervention Completion Date June 16, 2017
Data Collection Complete Yes
Final Sample Size: Number of Clusters (Unit of Randomization) We did not use clusters, we randomized at the individual level.
Was attrition correlated with treatment status? No
Final Sample Size: Total Number of Observations 741 students
Final Sample Size (or Number of Clusters) by Treatment Arms One treatment arm with half in control and half in treatment
Is there a restricted access data set available on request? Yes
Restricted Data Contact Deidentified data set is expected to be available for public use by December 31, 2020
Program Files No
Data Collection Completion Date June 05, 2017
Is data available for public use? No
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Field Before After
Paper Abstract We implemented a field experiment called Show Up to Grow Up designed to increase attendance and diminish chronic absences at subsidized preschool programs in Chicago. We sent personalized text messages to parents targeting malleable factors that potentially drive absences from preschool. Using administrative records from preschools, we find that the intervention increased attended days by 2.5 (0.15 standard deviations) and decreased chronic absenteeism by 9.3 percentage points (20%) over an 18-week period. Our results suggest that the treatment impact is stronger among those in the bottom quantiles of the attendance distribution. Survey data collected at baseline suggest that our intervention made the importance of preschool more salient to parents who initially reported lower expectations for attendance and weaker beliefs about the importance of attendance to their children’s development. Preschool centers may save resources by implementing low-cost light-touch interventions to meet attendance requirements.
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