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In the Name of the Son: A Field Experiment on Schooling Discrimination
Last registered on February 20, 2018


Trial Information
General Information
In the Name of the Son: A Field Experiment on Schooling Discrimination
Initial registration date
February 20, 2018
Last updated
February 20, 2018 7:13 PM EST
Primary Investigator
European University Institute
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The present project investigates to what extent discriminatory behaviors from schools' side towards prospective students constitute a potential driver for the social segregation observed in the education system of some Spanish region. More specifically, this project studies whether schools show less willingness to interact with families of different ethnic origins and how cultural assimilation efforts from the side of migrants might mitigate such discrimination. In order to do so, we run a correspondence experiment on the population of schools.
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Registration Citation
Martinez de Lafuente, David. 2018. "In the Name of the Son: A Field Experiment on Schooling Discrimination." AEA RCT Registry. February 20. https://doi.org/10.1257/rct.2731-1.0.
Former Citation
Martinez de Lafuente, David. 2018. "In the Name of the Son: A Field Experiment on Schooling Discrimination." AEA RCT Registry. February 20. http://www.socialscienceregistry.org/trials/2731/history/25968.
Experimental Details
Intervention Start Date
Intervention End Date
Primary Outcomes
Primary Outcomes (end points)
- Call-back rates
- Positive-negative response indicator
Primary Outcomes (explanation)
- Call-back rates: Indicator variable that takes value 1 if the school replied and 0 otherwise.
- Positive-negative response indicator: Responses will be further classified into either positive or negative responses.
Secondary Outcomes
Secondary Outcomes (end points)
Secondary Outcomes (explanation)
Experimental Design
Experimental Design
Not available.
Experimental Design Details
Using a correspondence experiment, this project aims at assessing, first, whether schools in Madrid discriminate against immigrant households during the school pre-registration period and, second, whether this discrimination is attenuated when immigrant households signal higher cultural integration effort. My test involves the creation of three different fictitious family profiles (native, "not culturally integrated'' immigrant and "culturally integrated'' immigrant) and sending emails to schools in Madrid during the school pre-registration period. The fictitious couples will show interest in the schools and will make a request to the administrative staff for an interview and a visit to the school. In order to signal household's origin, I will use immigrant-sounding names or native-sounding names for both parents. Cultural integration effort will instead be signalled using the child's name, that will be explicitly mentioned in the email. Given that naming decision is a crucial expression of cultural identity, immigrant parents giving a traditionally Spanish name to their child can signal a higher cultural integration effort than those immigrants who name their child using a name associated to their own cultural background. I then plan to measure differential call-back rates and invitations to interviews between the three fictitious family profiles in order to evaluate whether schools tend to discriminate immigrant households more.
Randomization Method
Randomization done in office by a computer.
Randomization Unit
Was the treatment clustered?
Experiment Characteristics
Sample size: planned number of clusters
>2,500 schools.
Sample size: planned number of observations
>2,500 schools.
Sample size (or number of clusters) by treatment arms
>800 schools in each treatment condition.
Minimum detectable effect size for main outcomes (accounting for sample design and clustering)
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